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Known in the 30's as the 'Wunderteam'

1729 I'm From Austria Austria! Playlist
1805 Austrian National Anthem Sing it loud and proud Playlist
2912 Austria, Austria! Great ringtone for an Austrian Fan Playlist
3382 Wasted Drunk Austrians Playlist
3443 Always Austria Of course Playlist
3875 We Sing Red And White Our colours Playlist
4014 Schala Super Austria Schalalalala Playlist
4361 Fight And Win Put your all in! Playlist
5572 Those Not Jumping Are Germans Hey, Hey Playlist
5846 Equaliser Thanks Geraldinho for the correct lyrics Playlist
5848 We Don't Hear A Thing Directed at German Poor support Playlist
6012 Without Austria So quiet over there! Playlist
6081 You Are Ridiculous 'avin a go at the opposition Playlist
6364 Away Win Austrians thinking they can nick an away win Playlist
6962 German Pigs Showing love for the Germans Playlist
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Austrians don't want a draw, even though we should be lucky about it most of the time...
they say "Ausgleich" which means "EQUALISER"
It is chanted if your Team is trailing.
geraldinho SK Rapid Vienna Sun 24 Jun '12  · Re: Equaliser  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
official video:

geraldinho SK Rapid Vienna Sat 23 Jun '12  · Re: I'm From Austria  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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